Stop Fracking in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico

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Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") involves the pumping of enormous volumes of clean water, mixed with chemicals and sand, deep into the earth at high pressure in order to break apart the rock below and release natural gas and oil deposits.

The fracking process oftentimes releases radioactive materials underground, and huge quantities of fracking "wastewater" must be disposed of with the same care as any other toxic waste that could contaminate clean water sources. 

Big Oil has already pockmarked the sacrifice zone of Louisiana and the Gulf with thousands of fracking wells, thanks in part to generous tax breaks doled out to drillers by the Lousiana State Legislature.

In northwest Louisiana, the Haynesville Shale deposit alone has already seen more than 2,200 fracking wells drilled.

From 2010-2014, the Obama Administration approved over 1,500 permit applications to frack for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Tell Pres. Obama and the Louisiana State Legislature:
We are not a sacrifice zone.

Stop fracking in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico

Fracking even reached the beautiful wetlands region of St. Tammany Parish, threatening the parish's aquifer that provides literally 100% of water drawn by the city and rural wells. The aquifer is also part of the Southern Hills aquifer system that provides clean drinking water to more than 1 million people. 

Citizens in St. Tammany Parish worked together on local zoning and voted to ban fracking in 2014, but a Louisiana judge overturned the ban in April 2015. The Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany appealed to the state Supreme Court, but in June 2016 the court decided not to hear its case.

However, in September 2016 Helis abandoned its controversial plan to start a new fracking operation near Mandeville in St. Tammany, citing economic factors.

Support the work of everyday citizens to protect our water at the local level in St. Tammany, and across Louisiana and the Gulf region. 

Sign the petition to Pres. Obama and the Louisiana Legislature: We are not a sacrifice zoneā€”Stop fracking in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico

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(Public meeting on fracking in St. Tammany Parish. Photo: Julie Dermansky)