STOP dumping fracking waste in the Gulf of Mexico!

Despite the evidence that fracking wastewater contains hundreds of dangerous and carcinegenous chemicals, like benzene, arsenic, formaldehyde and mercury, so far the Obama Administration has allowed unlimited wastewater volumes to be dumped from offshore drilling operations directly into the Gulf of Mexico. 

This unlimited dumping of fracking waste into the Gulf poses a tremendous threat to sea turtles, dolphins and other wildlife -- not to mention all the people who rely on a healthy Gulf for their own food and livelihoods. 

We call on the Obama Administration to enact strong regulations to restrict the unlimited dumping of fracking waste into the Gulf of Mexico. 

We stand united with local fisherfolk and all who care about defending our wildlife and our climate. 

Sign the petition urging the Obama Administration to stop Big Oil from dumping fracking waste into the Gulf.